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March 13, 2017

Who are Instagram influencers?

What’s hot on any marketers lips? Influencers. Particularly Instagram influencers. Instagram, a top visual marketing platform with over 600 million active users, is used to promote businesses and spread ideas. Businesses understand that to grasp the largest audiences they can, they have to head straight to the top–those accounts with the most followers. Enter an “influencer”. An Instagram influencer uses a word-of-mouth marketing technique to gain trust and in turn, influence, those who follow them.


Influencers aim to build brand awareness with those who partner with them. Statistics back this up with 75% of consumers relying on social media to inform purchases. An influencer uses another statistic to their advantage: 84% of consumers will take action based on the opinion of others. This seemingly casual approach to marketing pays for both influencer (who receives compensation for the post) and the business (who receives exposure).


As social media grows, and more individuals seek to become influencers, can this form of marketing keep its credibility? Social Media Today has predicted a few trends concerning the future of influence marketing. The first prediction is increased focus on employee advocacy. Employees are the first front of brand’s image, and management is starting to realise the real power their employees hold. Employees can become influencers within their own social circle, promoting the brand from a behind-the-scenes authentic approach. Another prediction is the maturing of influencer marketing tools. These are tools that give companies a technology-driven way to source the right influencers and then measure his or her results.

Instagram influencing will continue to rise as a marketing technique for businesses of all kind as marketing executives plan to increase their influencer budget by 59%. Now is the time to start looking for Instagram influencers for your business!

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