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September 12, 2016

How videos could transform your Social Media

We know Social Media can be a bit confusing with lots of new features being added all the time. However, don’t worry! One of the most popular and effective features is one you probably already know how to use – videos!

So, how can videos help your business in a positive way? The great thing about clips and films is they are a really informal and personal way of getting your message across to your target audience. It also requires the least effort for the viewers. They haven’t got to read any great length of text or go through a series of questions – all they have to do is press play!

One thing you will need to understand about videos is they aren’t there for promotional purposes. You should use them in a way that is informal. They can be great storytellers but you need to remember that this isn’t about showing off.

Another great tool you can use videos for is to connect with your audience on an emotional level. By creating this connection between you and your potential customers, you are making them trust your brand and you are improving your chances of being chosen over your competitors.

So, what are you waiting for? The videos can be any length and can contain anything (as long as they fit with the regulations of the site you are posting them on) but the best thing to do is to keep it as professional as possible. Whilst it is supposed to be an informal way of communicating, you do have to keep in mind that this is a business and it’s important to keep it that way.

We hope that videos can help you improve your brand and give you a competitive edge so you can gain as many new customers as possible! Try them out, you don’t know what they could bring!

Clare Leedale

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