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  • October 25, 2017

    5 Google Chrome Extensions That I Couldn’t Live Without


    Ironically, I had the idea to write this post after seeing a Grammarly ad on YouTube. At first I thought, these guys need to be smarter with ads and not sell me something I already have. If you run Facebook Ads, you should know how amateurish it is to retarget web visitors with promo codes and not exclude people who have already purchased. Then I saw it again and realised how much I love it and how I should tell some friends, one thing led to another and here I am.

    Why I love it? It’s seamless, integrated and easy to override but it grabs your attention enough so that you can check the grammar whilst not stopping you in your tracks and therefore ruining your flow.

    Facebook Pixel Helper

    As the owner of a digital marketing agency, we’re constantly liaising with web developers or business owners to get everything set up so we can be let loose to start killing it on Facebook Ads for them. This cheeky little nugget of a chrome extension makes it a simple yes or no answer to find out whether they’ve finished fannying around and adding the pixel to the chosen site.

    Rightly Gmail Extension

    You don’t know how good it is until it’s gone (or you’re using a public computer). This awesome extension allows you to schedule emails to be sent at whatever time zone, hour and day of the month as you like (you’ll never forget Happy Birthdays – trust me). However, more importantly, this allows you to ‘undo’ any sent emails which you’ve just realised don’t have the correct attachment or have a spelling mistake, I know they say nobody’s perfect, but this definitely makes you look like a reliable and efficient worker.


    I know we all sit and watch the ridiculous business pitches on ‘The Dragon’s Den’ but these guys killed it and came from the same area I grew up in – I’m clearly not the only legend born there. It’s another seamless extension that’s always looking out for you and your wallet, everytime you jump online for a bit of shopping it pings up with any voucher codes that have been made public so you don’t have to leave the website, probably get distracted and never buy the item. I know it seems crazy for businesses to hand out these discounts so freely, but as the guys put it to the Dragons, if you’ve downloaded this Chrome Extension, you’re likely to be one of the people who hunt for a discount code before buying anyway. Why risk the chance of them getting distracted and never coming back? God Dammit close the sale sharpish.


    If you’re in business, it’s likely you would have heard the term ‘time is money’ – I kind of agree, depending on the task and whether some clever clog has already created something to automate an otherwise manual, dull process. These guys have done just that – hunter.io pulls emails from a chosen website to save you hunting through the pages, I know sometimes it only takes 30 seconds, but more often than not, you’re likely to get distracted by some meaningless generic royalty free photo.

    If this wasn’t quite the silver bullet of value you were hoping for. Drop me a message and I’ll dig some good stuff out!

    Max Whicher
    07432633408 – max@spinbrands.co.uk

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